Delivering for Tesco in the Chinese Market

Tesco, China


Product Development 

Pure Cold were selected as manufacturing partner to support Tesco’s international expansion in the Chinese market. The project required fast track development and product approvals over a nine month period for the full range of products required for Tesco’s format in China including remote multidecks, frozen food full glass doors, specialist counters and self-contained multidecks.

Ability to Deliver 

This project was primarily driven by Tesco’s need to source equipment capable of the efficiency standards and product temperature requirements of their global specification. The ability to coordinate and manage product distribution and installation to the Chinese market was also critical with delivery of in excess of 1,000 cases over a two year period to a broad range of Chinese cities. 

Natural Refrigerants in China 

This project also provided the opportunity to supply the first Chinese-manufactured CO2 (R744) cases to a project for Tesco. Years later, CO2 is now a ‘business as usual’ product for Pure Cold in the UK and we hope to resurrect CO2 supply into the Chinese market in the near future as the market increasingly transitions to this refrigeration selection.