About Us

Pure Cold was founded in 2005 and is a leading innovator of remote and integral refrigerated display cases. Owned and operated by its management team, the company has continually grown since its inception and is known for providing quality, energy efficient refrigeration products.

Committed to Customer Service

We are committed to customer service and are proud of the long standing relationships we maintain with our clients. A number of our national accounts have been with us from the start and we are grateful for their continued support.

A global company

Pure Cold is a Global company and has delivered and installed refrigeration cabinets throughout Europe, in USA, China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia. Our manufacturing facilities are capable of producing over 25,000 cases per year in accordance with ISO9001;ISO 14001 International standards and are Sedex approved.

Unmatched performance

Our engineering team are constantly enhancing our product range to provide the end user with unmatched performance, operation, reliability and longevity.

The Future of Pure Cold

Looking to the future Pure Cold is dedicated to research and development, resulting in industry leading products both in terms of energy usage and environmental impact.