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Our Values


  • 1 Efficient to the core
  • 2 Pure & Clean Technology
  • 3 A Reliable Partner
  • 4 Committed to progress
  • 5 Leading Innovation
  • 6 Thought leaders

Our Story

  • 2005

    Company commenced trading

  • 2007

    Migrated product beyond supermarkets and c-stores to airports and other specialist areas

  • 2009

    First Hydrocarbon cases supplied to UK market

  • 2012

    First CO2 cases supplied to international retailer in Chinese market

  • 2013

    Extended manufacturing resources to two production facilities

  • 2014

    Commence supply of display cases to South East Asian markets, Spain and Ireland.

  • 2015

    Formation of Pure Cold Solutions as a service and installing contractor to UK market

  • 2016

    Commence manufacture of cases for Australian market

  • 2017

    Delivered first complete air-cooled self-contained large format supermarket to UK market

  • 2018

    Commence supply of cases to USA market

  • 2019

    Most energy efficient remote CO2 cases in the UK market launched